Thursday, July 29, 2004

Eh la bas!

Ok all you francophone wannbees, here is your first lesson in Creole French:

Original Louisiana Creolo Lyrics + English Translation

E la ba! (E la ba!) E la ba! (E la ba!)
Hey over there! Hey over there!
E la ba, ch�ri! (E la ba, ch�ri!)
Hey over there, dear lady! (Hey over there, dear lady!)
Komon sa va? (Komon sa va?)
How's it goin'?
Mo ch� kouzen, mo ch� kouzin,
My dear cousin (male), my dear cousin (female),
mo lenme la kizin!
I love the kitchen!
Mo manje plen, mo bwa diven,
I eat a lot, I drink wine,
e sa pa kout ariyen.
and it costs me nothing.
Ye tchwe kochon, ye tchwe lapen,
They kill a pig, they kill a rabbit,
e mo manje plen.
and I eat a lot.
Ye fe gonmbo, mo manje tro,
They make gumbo, I eat too much,
e sa fe mon malad.
and that makes me sick
(Contributed by Leonardo Kenji Shikida - May 2003)