Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Court! Court Court Court!

Have you all seen the Starbucks commercial for the canned espresso?

I LOVE it.

If you haven't seen it, basically it's about this guy named Glen, who wakes up one morning and opens a can of S's double shot (yech) and suddenly the band "Survivor" appears behind him singing Glen's own personal soundtrack to the beat of that oldie but goodie, "Eye of the Tiger."

So we follow Glen through his morning routine, his commute to work, and to the office, all the while hearing this motivating song about Glen's ambition through the corporate climb. Glen leaves the elevator, obviously pumped and motivated and ready to start the day, and then the next guy comes in with his double shot, and BAM! Survivor starts singing for him.

Not only does this commercial make me giggle, but it makes me yearn for my own personal anthem. Come on, how many times have you been excited or pumped up about something and walked down the street feeling like you have the earth in the palm of your hand, your own motivational soundtrack playing in your head? How many times have you thought, "You know if I could just have my own washed up 80's rock group singing behind me, I could do anything!" ???

And a double shot espresso (but preferably not canned) can give you that heart-racing good feeling, at least for an hour (or about 45 minutes, in my experience).

My props to Starbucks, for realizing the dream of so many.

You can read more about the commercial here.


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