Tuesday, June 15, 2004

You are now entering...the Twilight Zone. (dodododododododo)

Today was my first day back at PG.

Strange. Because everything is the same and everything has changed.

Ironically, I am right back in my old cubicle. The only difference is I no longer have my nice blue chair. I was starting to bitch about it and then Jackie reminded me I had given it to her. So then I shut up. And then I found another chair that isn't as good as the blue one, but is not that bad. At least I know my old blue friend is in good hands.

My job is also quite different than before. Where once I was a writer, I am now doing market research. Which will be nice to get experience in. And different.

There are also quite a few different people. And quite a few of the same people. So I've been introducing and reintroducing myself to them all day.

There were a few points today when I got a bit freaked out. A funny powerful thing that time is.

Tomorrow the Emile and me are going to Martins.

Now that is back to normal. =)


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