Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Texas-Sized Suitcase

Hello friends, I am blogging from Lycee Marc Bloch, which is free but a little annoying because:

1. I have to re-learn the French Keyboard.
2. I have to buy a tram pass. I have been getting away with riding for free, but I still get nervous so decided to get a ticket.

But nothing can dampen my spirits, because today is the release of Harry Potter POA!!! Haha stupid americans! I get to see it before you in France!

Anyway, yesterday was incredibly productive. I am proud to say that I am almost completely packed.

I went to TATI (le plus bas prix!) yesterday to cherche a big suitcase and found one capable of holding several small children or an adult such as Webster .

After putting everything in it, I realized what a gigantic bag this is. And then my roomate made a comment about it...and then we decided it would do Texas proud.

I also managed to scrub down my room, including all the windows, of which there are 24. Go me.

Then we settled in to watch 4 hours of Alias. Thank you Oz for loaning out the precious. And thank you Mickey as well for TiVoing it.

Bad news, I tried to be reimbursed for my lunch card and meals I haven't eaten at the school. Unfortunately they only do it by direct deposit in August. So I'm screwed. Or need to find a way to eat 4 meals by Friday. Curses.

I'd really just rather have the money.

Sunday is the Fete des Mamans in France. I don't understand why we can't all celebrate the same day, but whatever. I will say though, how disturbed I was to see the Sephora ad this morning at the tram stop: "Vive les mamans sexy," with a busty young woman. While I understand that sex sells, I don't particularly want to think of how sexy my mom is when I'm buying her a gift.

Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I am off to meet with Mr. Pfeiffer (the "p" is not silent) to talk bank accounts, and then off to see Harry Potter 3!!!!!!!!!

Quotes of the Day:
"Ok, nothing can explode in here anymore."
--Meg, having cleaned the microwave.

"Nothing else can explode in here either."
--Court, having scrubbed the red toilet.


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Ah, the precious...


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