Thursday, June 10, 2004

On my way to Indiana (no just kidding)

Sorry I have not been blogging more regularly but life has been considerably more interesting since my return to les Etats Unis.

Our stint in Baton Rouge chez Yves and Bridget ended with Marilyn getting in a fender bender (an expensive one) on I-10. So that extended our stay by a bit, but luckily we made it home in time to visit my dear old friend Domini, and her new husband. Domini and I have been friends since we were like 3 or something. Our parents knew each other, then we went to school together, then we went to different schools but wrote to each other and got together a few times a year, and we even met up in France a few years ago, and now she is married and we're all grown up. So it was good to see her.

So anyway, today I was supposed to start out for Indiana, but my certain lemon of a car has made that impossible. So here's the deal...I bought a car off of eBay. It was through a dealer not too far from my mum, who took a look at the car before I bought it. Since we have gotten it, we've had to have the transmission fixed (which thankfully the dealer helped with). Then after that it was making another noise so we brought it back and they tightened something up. Then I discovered the CD player didn't work so I had that fixed. Then today I am all set to leave and we hear another noise. We bring it quickly to the mechanic, only to find out it may need another timing belt (way before it's due).

So I am here in Monroe another night and praying they can fix it ASAP tomorrow morning so I can make it to the Bend. I'm already missing an evening at the Green Star with the PG gang. As the Brits would say, Bloody F-ing Hell. Or the French, "Putain!"

And I don't want any crap from any of you about getting a car off of eBay because we checked it out beforehand and everything seemed fine.

So making the best out of a bad situation, Marilyn and I rented a couple of films and had a nice evening in. She even managed to stay awake through one of them!

Cross your fingers that I can leave tomorrow!


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