Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I miss Strasbourg

Ok, so it's starting to hit now.

This morning I was looking some stuff up on Strasbourg for someone else and now I'm just sad. They are building a new tram line that I'm gonna miss! Look how pretty it is! Dammitt!

So this, combined with the fact that yesterday I realized how boring my blog has become since I've gotten back (seriously), I realize I miss Strasbourg. I miss 12 place St. Etienne. I miss Rue des Freres and Les Freres Bons Bons with the picture of the happy monk eating a sucker...I miss the tram music ("Lalalalalalala...Lycee Kleber...)...I miss the cathedral and the accordians and the other musicians...I miss grand cafe cremes...I miss tartines at Secrets de Table...I miss Crepe Mili...I miss alimentation shopping at Galeries Lafayette...I miss the gare and the lady saying "Strasbourg...ici, Strasbourg...merci de surveiller que vous n'avez rien oublie dans le train" in three different languages...I miss sitting in cafes...I miss teaching...I miss my students...I miss the teachers at my school...I miss my other assistant friends...I miss traveling...I miss (dare I say it) F*ckhead and his crew...And I miss speaking French.

How funny the way things turn around so quickly. But that's just the way it is.

So excuse me now while I turn on Le Mouv and cry quietly in my cubicle.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Carol said...

*hug* I hear ya Court. I felt that way when I got back from Ireland. *sigh* Let's just go back!


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