Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Housing Hell

I am very ashamed of myself at the state of my blogging these days. First of all, it is boring as hell. Second of all, it is boring as hell.

My excuses, however, have been good.

First, I am currently living in South Bend, Indiana.

Second, I am currently living in South Bend, Indiana.

That should provide sufficient explanation.

Ironically however, in spite of the boring city, I have not stopped since I got here. Between seeing old friends and starting to prepare for the next big move (Yea Austin!), I am going nuts. Nance and I are making trips out to Michigan City on Mondays and Chicago on Tuesdays, so I don't really have a chance to stop and smell the ethanol until Wednesdays, and even then...

I have begun looking for an apartment in Austin, and doing this sight unseen is very very scary. Luckily I have managed to meet two people already living there, including my fellow assistante Superscarf and Clare, the daughter of a friend of mine here in the Bend. I also just found out I have two cousins that I've never met living in Austin as well, so I'm trying that angle too.

The big irony in all this is I was excited to get a list of potential places from a free headhunter service (these are all over) but then found a web site with ratings of all these joyous apartments and started to change my mind.

My personal favorite is The Hills at the Arboretum. While the pictures look quite charming, they apparently have an infestation of feral cats. Oh yes. Feral cats. Please, read the article. It'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Apparently the head hunter forgot to mention "free pet" with apartment info.

I love it.

Oh, and apartments are expensive too. And you have to pay all the utilities. No breaks around here. (Maybe this is normal to you, but in the Bend usually the apt pays for at least water...and in my case, gas too.) Thank God for government loans.

So this weekend will be the grand budgeting event (you all know how much I love numbers) and I hope to make some sort of decision by next week. I did find a place in Round Rock (a little suburb north of Austin) that I like and it was reasonable compared to all the others. Most importantly, it got all positive reviews and there do not appear to be any cats.

But again, Indecisive Girl has trouble with these sorts of things. So the solution remains to be seen.

Send your positive thoughts my way.


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