Monday, May 31, 2004

What the hell kind of neighborhood do I live in??????!!!!!!!!!

So after falling asleep around almost 5ish, like deja vu I woke up to another similar scene from 2 weeks ago, minus the blood.

Once again the familiar screaming, but this time we have two girls fighting, when suddenly one of their boyfriends pulls the other off and decides to take his turn at pummeling this poor girl.

We don't call the police because the other girls are screaming and pulling out their mobiles, but then the MF just drove away. And then they didn't call the police and they continued screaming, and a few minutes later, a little further down the street, they start beating the girl up again.

Then the perpetrator, "tank top girl," (Meg and I gave them names over breakfast) sat in the Place for awhile and cried with her other friend.

Thankfully, today is one of SECULAR France's RELIGIOUS holidays (Happy Pentecost everyone), so there are no kids around.

This is a side note tangent here, but I love how France wants to ban Muslims from wearing head scarfs to keep church and state seperate, but has religious bank holidays.

Now back to the original subject.

Ok, so what is up with Place St. Etienne??? I have never felt unsafe here, and I don't think it IS unsafe in terms of scary men hanging out on corners waiting to jump you, but people park their cars around here to go out, then come back drunk with their friends, then get in fights.

I am assuming it gets worse in warm weather and that is the reason for all the recent activity. But I can't handle all this drama. I prefer noise to violence. F*ckhead and his couch and his fireballs are plenty excitement for me.

Even more amazing is that one hour after all this drama, the Place is full of tourists taking pictures at the old buildings.

I live in a mixed up world.


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