Friday, May 14, 2004


Well, my round of goodbyes has started. Sniff...

The English teachers had a party for Hannah and me today, complete with champagne and kugelhopf, and gave us each a little gift.

Both of us felt like idiots because we both forgot our cameras. We realized this, of course, after we realized we had gotten on the wrong tram. Yes, the wrong tram. After living here 9 months, we went in the wrong direction.

We finally arrived a little late, and then stayed till about 8 just chatting with everyone. Then I emptied my little locker and wanted to cry.

One of the cutest guests there was the little girl of one of my proffs, who is married to an American (the proff, not the little girl). Of course, the child is 5 and speaks French and English perfectly. So jealous. What a gift to give your kids.

Hannah and I finished the evening with dinner at Crepe Mili then back to my apartment for a little Harry Potter film fun. I've been watching so many movies on my computer these days that I don't think I'll know what to do with myself when I can watch a movie on a "real" tv.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going on a tour of homes type thing with Cecile, the teacher that brought me to Monkey Mountain. This should be much more posh and pretentious than giving popcorn to monkeys.


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