Saturday, May 01, 2004


Hello friends. This is the word of the day.

It's meaning is as fun as its pronunciation. It is an ancient French word meaning "damn."

Don't you feel edumacated now?

Last night I went out with Hannah and 2 of the English teachers at our school. We went to see "Big Fish." All of you Americans are probably thinking, "What an old movie!" and you would be right. But remember I am across the ocean and it takes forever for things to get here.

I really liked the flick. Ewan...rowr...And the story was great too. It actually reminded me of my own grandma and her tall tales...for example, when I was a kid she used to tell me there was pirate treasure buried in my uncle's sugar cane fields, and taught me a dance and a song that were necessary to find the treasure. (I never found it...and I did look)

Anyway, after the flick Virginie and Jeanette treated us to a yummy dinner at a place called "Broc en Stoc," which is decorated to the theme of Tin Tin, the famous French comic. All the meals are named after the characters or book names. I got a big fat salad with fresh strawberries for dessert...mmmm.....I was tempted to try The Saperlipopette because of the name, but it was some sort of ice cream dish, and you know me and sugar.

I may just have to create my own.


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