Friday, May 28, 2004

Das ist Deutschland..(the Colocs Blog Ensemble)

Did Court ever mention that Shuey, our Bolivian friend, aka, "The Language Whore," left random German music on Court's computer.... our fav is a song by Die Prinzen, entitled Das ist Deutschland. It is the inspiration for our blog tonight. (All we got out of Shuey by way of translation is "We are Deutschland." A little obvious, we think. Do you really know German? Are you sure?? All we hear is "mwah mwah mwah mwah Deutschland")

(Pause for giggle fit.)

We went to Basel, Switzerland, today and did nothing Suisse-like: eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, and of course singing "Das ist Deutschland..." and naming the colors we remembered...Grun, Schwartz, Blau, Gelb, Weiss, Rot...the only Deutsch we know. Then hitting up Starbucks for a caffeine fix before the train. Muite Bene. Si si.

We just finished watching LOR the Two Towers. Here are our eine kleine favorite quotes...not necessarily from the movie, but said during the movie:


"That makes no sense to me...but then again, you are quite small..."


*Timeout to restart "Deutschland"*

"Bob Dole has erectile dysfunction..." (evolved from "Meghan doesn't like it when Frodo speaks in the third-person." "Courtenay says that Bob Dole and Frodo both speak in the third-person." "Meghan says 'Thank you Captain Obvious.'")

"DO IT."

"I'll dress Aragorn... after I undress him. Rar."

"Legolas makes a lot of Captain Obvious comments. But he's still hot."

"Hobbits are very good at three things: eating, throwing rocks and being small."

Tonight is our last Friday night in 12 place St. Etienne. Triste. (But on the plus side, our friends in the neighborhood, ie F*ckhead, only have a limited time left to annoy us. Woohoo!) We want to see the pink couch one last time before we leave. Now that we have our own comfy chairs and do not envy the large, dirty, flea-ridden couch. Awwww.

To Do List Before Leaving Strasbourg
Bring remaining puce supplies to the Hotel Patricia, take a picture, and run like hell.

Photo of our friend, F*ckhead, and his drum! Then run like hell! (Which, I would like to add, he decided to practice at 7 am this morning. In the Place. Just outside the window. REALLY ENDEARING.)

Manger at the Petit Ours encore une fois. No running.

See and take pictures with the scary click click click click....

Play tour guide to our respective friends from London, Lissy and Oz.


Oh, wait, Oz isn't coming.

Buy more boxes to send more things home.

Buy more things to put in more boxes. (All these damn people want presents!)

Did we mention packing?

Did we mention Oz's not coming?

Not that Court's bitter or anything.

No, no one is bitter in this apartment. No one. DEUTSCH! DEUTSCH! NOT AS LONG AS WE CAN PLAY DEUTSCHLAND! (Maybe F*ckhead will start to accompany us on his petit drum)

Teach lyceens the second part of "Smells like Teen Spirit." (Yes, there's a whole nother part to the song!!) And one that does not feature the bongos.)

Stand outside the currently being constructed Subway and chant "OpenOpenOpen"

Meet with Mr. Pfeiffer (the "P" is not silent...seriously) and discuss money (that we don't have).

One more visit to the coiffeuse magique: Karine!

Try to stop burping.

Try to drink all the Coca Light we can before leaving France.

It's a pity that sarcasm doesn't translate well into blog format.

*Timeout to re-start "Deutschland"...we'll turn it down out of consideration for our neighbors...*


Court and Meghan's version of lyrics to "Deustchland", by Die Prinzen

Mwah mwah mwah mwah...Vielen dank...mwah mwah mwah mwah...Deutschland.


Mwah Mwah Mwah

Eine Kleine mwah mwah...

Das mwah mwah Deutschland...

DEUTSCH! (repeat)

MWAH MWAH MWAH...(repeat)
(unfortunately, they don't mention colors, so we're kinda weak on the rest of the lyrics. Sorry to disappoint you all.)


Now here are the 'Real' Lyrics to "Deutschland" by Die Prinzen, with selected translation by Meg and Court...

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch. THIS MEANS "GERMAN"

Nat�rlich hat ein Deutscher �Wetten Dass� erfunden,
vielen Dank THIS MEANS "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" f�r die sch�nen Stunden.
Wir sind die freundlichsten Kunden auf dieser Welt,
wir sind bescheiden, wir haben Geld,
die Allerbesten in jedem Sport,
die Steuern hier - sind Weltrekord.
Bereisen Sie THIS MEANS "YOU" Deutschland THIS MEANS "GERMANY"
und bleiben Sie hier,
auf diese Art von Besuchern - warten wir.
Es kann jeder hier wohnen,
dem es gef�llt,
wir sind das freundlichste Volk THIS MEANS "PEOPLE",
auf dieser Welt...

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch, deutsch. THIS STILL MEANS "GERMAN"

Nur eine Kleinigkeit ist hier verkehrt,
und zwar das Schumacher keinen Mercedes THIS IS A VERY POPULAR CAR IN GERMANY f�hrt THIS IS A FUN WORD TO SAY.
(Mercedes f�hrt...)

Das alles ist Deutschland (ohh),
das alles sind wir (ohh),
das gibt es nirgendwo anders,
nur hier - nur hier.

Das alles ist Deutschland (ohh),
das sind alles wir,
wir leben und wir sterben hier.

Deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN, deutsch GERMAN.

Es bilden sich viele was auf Deutschland GERMANY...or, literally, "GERMAN LAND" ein,
und mancher findet es geil - ein Arschloch zu sein.
Es gibt manchen der sich gern� �ber Kanaken beschwert
und zum Ficken jedes Jahr nach Thailand THIS IS A COUNTRY IN ASIA f�hrt.
Wir lieben unsere Autos mehr als unsere Frauen THIS MIGHT MEAN "WOMEN",
denn deutschen Autos k�nnen wir vertrauen.
Gott hat die Erde nur einmal gek�sst,
genau an dieser Stelle wo jetzt Deutschland ist IS.
Wir sind �berall die besten � nat�rlich auch im Bett,
und zu Hunden und Katzen,
besonders nett.


Wir sind besonders gut im auf die Fresse hauen,
auch im Feuerlegen - kann man uns vertrauen.
Wir stehen auf Ordnung und Sauberkeit,
wir sind jederzeit f�r �nen Krieg bereit.
Sch�nen Gru� an die Welt seht es endlich ein,
wir k�nnen stolz auf Deutschland
(Deutschland, Deutschland...)

Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein, Schwein,Schwein.

[Refrain 2x]

See? We told you there are no colors. Did we mention that we know the colors in German?

Ok, the computer is going to go night night now. The girls are too silly and beginning to speak in the third-person, like M. Frodon and Bob Dole. And Meghan don't like Bob Dole. Or talking in the third-person. Court non plus. Grammar's not up there either, alongside erectile dysfunction.

Auf Wiedersehen!

(this means "See you Soon!" in German.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Big Oz said...

I wanted to come to Strasbourg. The spirit was willing, but the checkbook? Not so much. Blame it on the Barclay's.

My loss. Truly. Think of it all: F*ckhead, the Ours, the red toilet. [sob] I have to stop.


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Court said...

And the raclette! Don't forget about the raclette!!


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