Monday, May 17, 2004

Bye Shuey! Hi Shuey!

Well today was really sad because Shuey left for Bolivia.

Kind of.

Shuey crashed at 12 place St Etienne last night, after returning from his long ass trip to Hannover. This morning we shared one last petit dejuner, and it was off to frantic packing up.

I did not enjoy watching this process, as it gave me scary reminders of what is to come for me in a few weeks.

Anyway, after about 3 hours we had everything cleaned up and shoved somwhere. We took off for the tram, took a photo, waved goodbye, and that was it.

I spent the whole day bummed out because he's the first good friend here I've had to say goodbye to.

But little did I know...

Around 10 pm I get a phone call, and who should it be, but SHUEY! Not in Bolivia, not in Paris, but in Strasbourg...

Shortly he arrived on our doorstep, and like deja vu, moved all his crap upstairs.

He then proceeded to raconte the most horrible airport/airplane story I have ever heard in my life.

The good thing is that Meg now got the chance to say goodbye, since she finally returned from London this evening.

So it all worked out for us in the end. In a selfish kind of way.

It looks like he leaves tomorrow...we hope.


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