Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Book Buying...in German

So after being deeply scarred by the movie Kill Bill, I tried to return my life to some sense of normalcy by going shopping for a "baby" present.

Unfortunately, going shopping for baby items did very little to bring me back to normalcy, because I have never bought anything for a baby before. My female friends have not started going down that road yet, which is good because that would really freak me out.

In addition, the above mentioned baby happens to be German, so that further complicated the shopping.

I spent about 30 minutes looking at little jumpsuit things (onesies?) and cute overalls, and I could immediately understand the temptation for parents to want to buy their kids crap from Baby Gap. Too cute.

But nothing overly struck my fancy, and, deciding that books are always nice presents, I headed to a little bookshop, where I happened to not only find children's books, but children's books in German.


The only hang up? I don't speak German.

Fortunately, these were children's books, so I could sort of decipher them based on the pictures. Or I like to think I could anyway.

I got to re-learn my colors that Shuey had taught me. And a slew of other helpful vocabulary. But suddenly I was drawn to another interesting book with a colorful front.

It was a bit more advanced, but I was luckily able to use my logic and visual skills to deduce from the illustrations what was happening. This particular book appeared to be all about poop. Animal poop, but poop all the same.

So as much as it killed me to put it back, I did.

I spent about two hours looking for a gift, and finally came back with...


But at least I have an idea what's out there.

And I got to blog about poop!


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