Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Good News:
I got a scholarship to the Monterey Institute, just for being me! Hooray! They are still incredibly expensive and I am still waiting about other financial aid, but it is still nice to feel wanted.

I also booked my flight for les Etats Unis yesterday. It's a bittersweet thing. I will desperately miss France but I am really homesick. It's also nice because I'll be traveling with my hetero life mate (aka roomate) Meghan.

We couldn't get a direct flight to Chicago, so we're flying to Dallas, then splitting ways...I'm heading to Monroe, LA to visit my mum and family. I don't know what I'm going to do not living with my roomate...but we decided that during our layover in Dallas we will eat our first American meal together, to share the goodness that is FREE REFILLS!!! Look out Dallas Ft. Worth...fill the coke machines and chip the ice...cause we're THIRSTY!!

Bad News:
After a joyous reunion with a new power cord, the MAC is broken. Again. With the same problem I had a few months ago, regarding the logic board. I don't know if they replaced the bad part with another bad part, but Courtenay is one tres unhappy little girl. I called Apple in the UK this morning; because I called them last time and I also didn't want to deal with tech support in French. Unfortunately, Elton didn't seem to speak that much English, and he couldn't seem to understand why I was calling the UK. So I hung up and called France. Ironically, Mr. French boy spoke such good English I thought he might be a Brit himself.

I had a moment of "Oh no you dit-ent" when he told me he didn't know if they would fix it again because it had already been fixed...but before I went off he came back and said it was no problem. Yeah, that's what I thought French boy.

So they will now send me the box and they better be quick about it. And replace it with a part that WORKS. Otherwise...

The Ugly:
...I am going to have to get me a Dell. Apple has caused me quite a bit of embarrassment this year. I sing their praises and they screw me over. I could give them the benefit of the doubt on the first repair...they took care of it quickly. The whole cord thing was my fault. But getting the same repair twice??? No no no, unacceptable.

SO. Once again; I am without computer so will be somewhat irratic with my posts. Please bear with me.

A bientot...


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