Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter at 12 place St. Etienne

Happy Easter one and all. I hope you had a delightful day and are not getting sick from stuffing chocolate in your face.

Meg and I decided to have a little Easter brunch and invited Shuey and Hannah to come over. We had a great time, feasting on French toast, omelettes and fruit salad with (of course) fromage blanc. Meg even made mimosas, which made me think of old Jewish women for some reason. We all had a (non-mimosa induced) giggle about it.

We then adjourned to the entertainment room (this would be my bedroom), where we watched an entire disc of Friends, Season 5.

Then we ate some more.

Fortunately I thought to take some pictures, which you will see posted up here shortly.

Tomorrow is yet another holiday in Alsace, meaning nothing is open. It's also my last week of school.

Let the sniffling begin in earnest.


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