Friday, April 16, 2004

Bye Bye French Kiddies

Well, that's all folks. Yesterday was my last day of work. I am feeling a bit bittersweet.

On the one-hand, I'm a bit ready to do something different, but on the other I got really attached to some of these kids.

My early morning class threw me a breakfast and got me a card. Awww shucks...

I also managed to take some pictures of my classes today, and ended by giving one of my favorite groups a lesson in American cuss words. Always a popular subject. In turn, they taught me a few mots in French.

Last night a group of assistants rented out the cave of some bar and we had a nice little soir´┐Że...

Now I have a month to sit at home and be bored with nothing to do.

Still waiting for the computer too.


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