Sunday, April 18, 2004

Bumps of Knowledge, Subway, and (oh yeah) Heidelberg

Hello Friends,

I am still sans computer but hoping it will be back tomorrow. Keep those little fingers crossed.

So yesterday Meg, Shuey and I took advantage of a loverly deal from Deutsch Bahn and took a lil' trip to Heidelberg. I had gone here back in the day as a child, and remembered it was really pretty but that was about it.

However, when Marilyn came to Europe a few weeks ago, she informed me after their day trip to Deutschland that there was (dumdadum!) a SUBWAY in Heidelberg...and they had FREE REFILLS. This made the day trip all the more necessary.

So, as you have come to expect, here are all the moments of our memorable journey, play-by-play...

Shuey stops by to discuss plans for the journey.

For some reason we all start sharing weird stories and anecdotes.

Court talks about her grandmother's old collie, Cindy, who had a bump on the back of her head that her grandma referred to as her "bump of knowledge."

Shuey talks about 2 old friends of his, one that had an inverted chest and one that had an extroverted chest, and how the two used to press them up together to "fit."

Heebie Jeebies.

Agree to leave for Heidelberg at 10a.m. the next day.


Court and Meg arrive at Porte de l'Hopital to take the bus to Kehl. Wait for Shuey. At 10a.m. Shuey calls and says he is just now leaving.

Shuey arrives. Go to Kehl. Miss the early train for Heidelberg.

Walk around Kehl. Meg buys sunglasses. Shuey buys shirt. Court amuses herself in the American teeny-bopper section.

Hop on the first of three trains to Heidelberg. Grim-faced controller steps on and immediately demands tickets. After she passes, Court leans over and whispers to Meghan, "What a ticket Nazi," then realizes that probably wasn't the best choice of words to use in Germany.

Train begins to slow down for Appenweir. Court is about to hop out when she realizes train has stopped in the middle of a big field with a small platform. Looks hesitantly at Meg and Shuey. Then sees the sign for Appenweir. Everyone steps out of train.

Follow the path to the "real" train platform, which is still in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere.

Take pictures in front of the Appenweir sign.

To amuse themselves, Court and Meg begin learning the names of German colors from Shuey.

Rot, Gelb, Weiss, Schwartz, Blau, Grun.

Something falls from the sky and lands on Court's head.

Fearing it is bird crap, she frantically begins swiping at it.

Fortunately it is not bird crap.

Unfortunately, it is a bee that lands on her arm.

Bee decides to give himself an untimely death by stinging Court on the arm.



Oh, and did I mention, OW???

Meg attempts to extract stinger(s). Meanwhile, Shuey learns a slew of new "vocabulary words" from Court's mouth.

Stinging begins to dull after placing Meg's cold coke bottle on it.

Court proudly proclaims that this is the first time she was stung and did not cry.

Shuey gives a fairly accurate impression of what Court did this time instead of crying (thank God there were no kiddies around).

Second train comes.

Arrive in Karlsruhe. As we pull into station, we are welcomed by a big fat man standing on the outer platform wearing a black lace nighty, red thong, and fishnet stockings.


Decide that since we have an hour to kill, we will try to take some pictures of man. Unfortunately the police were already on their way and made him put on pants. Take what photos we can from far away and keep moving.

Get on the next train and finally arrive in Heidelberg with our stomachs growling for sandwiches.

Take tram to Bismarckplatz.

Start hunting for the sandwich mecca.

Success! Enjoy the American delight that is Subway. Contemplate ordering several more sandwiches to go so we can bring them home and continue to enjoy.

Decide against that idea.

Court wins the drinking contest with 3 free refills.

Decide that even though our main motivation for Heidelberg was Subway, we should probably do some touristic intellectual things as well.

Make our way to the old castle. Decide to climb the big hill to see more.

Arrive, panting, at the castle. Debate the idea of paying to see the "big vat" but decide against it.

Decide we've done enough "tourist stuff" and walk down hill.

Stop at souvenir shop and take picture standing next to postcard of the "big vat."

Browse around at all the stores on the main drag.

Decide it's time to head home.

Arrive in Karlsruhe at 7p.m. with the knowledge that we might not be able to make it home until after midnight (Heidelberg is only 2.5 hours away from Strasbourg).

Take train to Offenbourg. No place to sit because of big soccer match.

Don Johnson white suit wearin' wannabee steps in the train on his cell phone telling some woman (in English) she just kidnapped a child.

Try to listen to conversation without being obvious. Apparently the woman he's talking to is in New Orleans.

Man gets off phone and we find places to sit facing each other.

Unfortunately, also facing us is a scary old man who won't move over for Meg to sit down and keeps giving us funny looks.

Scary old man listens to everything we say and looks as though he desperately wants to participate in our conversation but doesn't understand French. Or English.

Court debates showing him her bee sting to scare him away, which by now has gotten really gross but is covered by her sweater.

Man turns to look out window and Meg and Court realize at the same time that he has a big "bump of knowledge" on the top of his bald head.

Have a hard time containing laughter for the rest of trip.

Arrive in Offenberg. Wander aimlessly around closed deserted town for an hour.

Arrive in Kehl which is equally deserted.

Discover there is no bus or train to Strasbourg until midnight. Cry.

Look temptingly at Taxi driver. Shuey suggests that Court asks him how much it is to Strasbourg because he might have more sympathy for a girl.

Court trys to have a coversation with German taxi driver in French and English with a dabble of German words, such as "Bahnhoff", "Ya," and "Nein." He offers us a ride to the Strasbourg train station for 16 euros.

Court tries to see if he can take us somewhere closer than the station. Finally calls over Shuey who talks to the guy in German.

Shuey gets us a price of 12 euros. (Hmmmmm...)

Arrive in Strasbourg at Decide we are hungry.

Eat at Chinese restaurant.

Leave restaurant with full bellies at midnight. Realize that we would just now be leaving Kehl had we decided to not take the taxi.


The End.


So this time around I managed to take plenty of photos, which you can expect as soon as I have the MAC back...which will hopefully be soon soon soon.

I can honestly say this was one of the best trips I've taken since I came to Strasbourg. I'm a little sad to see it all end.


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