Sunday, March 07, 2004

Whirlwind Weekend

Sunday and I am finally taking a breather.

Cristina (or Tia Teeny, known to her proches) took off at the azz crack of dawn to head back to Poiters. I think it was a nice visit. I hope it was a nice visit for her. She ate Kangeroo for God's sake! And we shared the Macintosh/iPod love which you just can't beat. You can now hire me to DJ all your soirees and various get-togethers.

Meg also came back last night to my pleasant surprise, having had a great time in Ireland and bringing back special gifts, including DIET COKE (Coca light sux), CHEDDAR CHEESE, a sponge with a handle you can put dishsoap in (impossible to find in France) and Louisiana seasoning. MMmmmmm...I am getting so homesick.

We went to El Machete last night for beverages and I was a bit dissappointed in my iced coffee. It was more than just coffee and vanilla. I don't know what was in it but I couldn't finish it. Fortunately Cristina was able to take it off my hands!

Today has also been quite an exciting day. Why, do you ask? Well, let me tell you:

First, now that Meghan's home, I can talk out loud in English to someone else. I have not shut up since this morning.

Second, she was able to explain how to work her screwdriver, and I put together our IKEA table.

Next, I swept all the dust out of my room.

Finally, I moved my bed, set up the desk, computer, speakers, phone, and now have some sort of an OFFICE SPACE. WOW!

I am hoping this newly acquired work space will perhaps motivate me to do some work but all I have really done this morning is play with iTunes and listen to music, including Cowboy Mouth, a band I have not heard recently but love.


So now, in an effort to be productive, I must go and fill out applications. The future beckons.


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