Tuesday, March 23, 2004

"Wanna getta nother coffee?"


What happens when you get two seasoned Parisian tourists afraid of metro terrorism together in
the city of lights?


A couple of caffeine addicts with really sore feet.

So, here's what happened: Meg bought tix for a Parisian weekend excursion awhile ago, thinking that her mom was coming in town last weekend. As it turned out, she bought for the wrong weekend and thus had a trip to Paris to burn. So me being the sympathetic roomate I am, I decided to come with.

Of course, neither of us thought about the fact that this past weekend was the anniversary of the war, or the fact that France has recently been hit with terrorist threats due to the new veil laws.

We figured that out after we saw that all the garbage cans had been replaced with tiny cardboard boxes. Also out in abundance were the military, walking around with machine guns. My French friend who used to be in the military told me that only one of the guns in each group of soldiers is actually loaded, however. It's more for the intimidation factor.

It worked.

So we did our best to stay out of the metro and heavily tourist infested areas, which in turn enabled
us to enjoy more of Paris by foot.

What was nice also is that we were able to split up and do our own thing from time to time. I had the chance to meet up with several old friends while I was there, getting a nice dose of America. I'm homesick my friends.

So here are some of the other highlights of our weekend:

Court getting to ride on the new TEOZ train to Paris.
Eating cheap delicious greek food in the Latin Quarter.
Having the best coffee in the world at the Greek restaurant.
Stopping for coffee.
Walking some more.
Having crepes.
Getting coffee.
Resting at the Louvre fountain and watching group of Spanish girls sing and act silly.
Watching the kiddies play with bateaux (boats) and batons (sticks) in the Tuileries foutain.
Making fun of super intense boat/stick boy ("PAPA!!!!!! MON BATEAU EST TOMBE!!!!!!!!").
Walking some more.
Eating Tex Mex at Indiana
Going to the new STARBUCKS!!!!!! (mmmmm....american capitalism has never tasted so goooood)
Walking through Pere Lachaise Cemetary (located right next to our flat) and checking out all the famous people's graves.
Court getting to ride on the new TEOZ train back to Strasbourg.

So I'm proud to report that no disasters occured while we were there. And we even managed to stay away from the big anti-war manisfestation.

The more I'm in Paris, the more I feel at home. I've decided it's because my internship there in 2000 was like my "coming of age." I just love everything about that city. Well almost everything.

But now I'm getting into a long philosophical rant and I think I just need to go to bed...


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