Monday, March 08, 2004

"Tearin' me down like a jungle monkey, cuttin' me up like a jungle cat..."

Ho hey it's Monday. And that means back to school.

My re-entry wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be. Although I was quite tired today.

I have been wearing my pajamas since 6pm if that tells you anything.

But the fun part is Meg and I have a visitor this evening! Shuey is locked out of his room at the school and has nowhere to go until his key is mailed here from Lyon, so we took pity on him and are letting him stay chez nous.

Apparently when he came back to Strasbourg at 4 this morning he realized he had no key, and hung out at the gare until 7 when our school opened. Unfortunately, they don't have a spare key (which I just don't get) so he's been wandering around aimlessly at the school all day long. I just snuck in Meg's room to steal the cushions, only to return to my own and find him sprawled out, dead to the world on a blanket on our nice hard wooden floor. We woke him up to put down the cushions and he is once again knocked out.

Poor Shuey.

On the other hand, the cushions from our nice new IKEA chairs are being put to great use! Twice in 3 days!


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