Sunday, March 28, 2004

She's leavin', on a jet plane...

So Drevs took off today...sniff sniff...she is now dazzling around Londres with Oz and Mary.

Sorry for not having blogged recently, but we've been too busy having fun. So, by popular request, here is the list of highlights...


Court heads to Baggersee to pick up Drevs from the airport shuttle. Court goes to the wrong stop. Court then sees the correct stop on the other side of the road. Court sees Drevs getting out of bus. Court begins to run. Court and Drevs embrace. Court then realizes she twisted her ankle. Court remembers why she doesn't run.

Court and Drevs get to apartment, chit chat, head for dinner at Crepe Mili. Introduce Drevs to the exciting world of gallettes and crepes. MMmmm...


Court wakes up at 6 am to educate French children. Lucky Drevs gets to sleep.

Drevs goes with Court to her afternoon classes and gets a taste of the French education system.

Court introduces yet another friend to Le Petit Ours, the best restaurant in the world.

Court comes back from dinner to discover wonderful news--she was accepted to Monterey!

Court and Drevs scream and celebrate. Meg comes home with her mother (also visiting) and they join in.


Sleep in. Walk around town a bit. Introduce Drevs to the Galleries Lafayette alimentation centre. Drevs buys her first "real" french sandwich...ham, cheese and butter on a baguette.

Court decides she is going to try her hand at raclette and buys the fixins.

Come home and eat lunch.

Head back out to town for sightseeing.

Go back to the Galleries to buy raclette oven.

Get coffee.

Head back to apartment.

Court makes raclette and it is gooooooood.

Court and Drevs have movie marathon.


Sleep in.

Head back to town for more sightseeing.

Eat lunch (tapas) at El Machete, Court's favorite bar in Strasbourg.

Drevs buys an Easter chapeau at chi chi French store.

Take a boat ride so Drevs can see and learn about all of Strasbourg.

Get coffee.

Go to dinner for Alsatian fare.

Come back and watch "Office Space" (Because we all have the dream of doing nothing...)


Sleep way in.

Have lunch.

Go to get coffee.

Watch xylophone (sp) players by the cathedral.

Sit outside and bask in the sun while we sip on our cappucino.

Head back to get Drevs' stuff.

Bring Drevs to Baggersee to catch airport shuttle.


So as you can see, we had quite a successful visit. Not only is Drevs the best sugar daddy I could ever have, it did a world of good for my homesickness to see her.

Back to work tomorrow, but I get to see Marilyn (my mum) this week! She is taking her students on a journey through France and they'll be heading down to Strasbourg later on. I wish I could call in "sick" tomorrow so I could join them in Paris (cough cough) but alas I am too honest.

Ah well. We can't have everything in life, can we?


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