Thursday, March 18, 2004

Are we on the air?

Well today was interesting.

I, along with several other assistants, was summoned by the Academie of Strasbourg to record some texts for the BTS exam in Hotel/Catering service.

I was actually supposed to go on Monday as well but unfortunately didn't get the note in my box until yesterday.

Nonetheless it was something different to do instead of teaching and was actually kind of fun. I learned all kinds of random useless facts about food and wine and hotels.

We had to sit in this nifty little recording studio with a funny mirror/window and then read in our best, clear, American accented voice.

All I could really think about, however, was how I used to giggle over all the silly little oral cassettes I used to have to listen to back in the day. And I'm sure the Frenchies will soon be returning the favor.


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