Tuesday, March 02, 2004

And one more for the road...

Just found this beautiful quote about our dancing trombonist (see my previous post) that I had to share:

"Hello everyone.

We trombonists have been waiting quite some time for our own messiah: Someone who can take the trombone and transport it to levels heretofore unknown; someone we can look up to an aspire to; someone who will break all the conventional rules of trombone playing in order to create a bold new world for us.

We have been duped by the false prophets too often. Alessi, Lindberg, Trudel, Taylor....

Step aside and behold the future of the trombone.

Our savior is just one click away, thanks to Steve Harvey's "Big Time" show."

Court Says: "May freedom and bonedancing reign forever."

(Credit: Roblog.)


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