Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Stupidity, thy name is Courtenay...

So trying to continue my track record of productivity, I stopped at the Apple store to use my credit that has been burning a hole in my pocket. I really wanted some speakers. Unfortunately, the little cute ones I had been eyeing are only for iMacs and as I have an iBook, they are not available. I spent the rest of the time eying the too cool sound sticks with awesome bass, but then found out they were 215 euros (ouch).

Then the woman showed me some other speakers, Apple compatible, that you can also plug into your iPod. How cool is that? And they sounded great and I could afford them. So I bought them.

I plugged them in. They sound great.

But there is the grande question...

How the HELL am I going to get these back to the States? I mean for real? There are 2 little sticks and one big subwoofer that I didn't know was coming with it. Not to mention finding a plug converter when I get home.

Stupid stupid stupid.

This might just mean I have to stay in Europe.

And DAMN the sound is awesome.


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