Thursday, February 26, 2004

On the road again...

So once again I am taking off for the weekend, this time to Chalon sur Saone. My faithful readers from News 22 might remember our photographer Anthony? Well he is getting married this weekend and lucky me gets to go! Hooray!

I am very excited to go to a French wedding. I have no idea if it'll be different from an American one, mais on verra!

I'm heading up tomorrow afternoon and hope to help them with some set up and stuff. Should be fun, and hopefully I'll meet some people so I don't show up at the wedding all by myself feeling like an idiot (which is my normal situation).

Other news, today was my first "real" English lesson with Franck. I can't believe I'm getting paid for this. An hour of interesting, pleasant conversation and coffee. And you want to give me money for it??? Twist my arm.

Franck will get the results of his written exam next week, and if he passes, he is going to have to study for the oral, which means he will need more lessons...

So please invoke every God, Buddah, Allah, Mother Nature, etc etc etc, and pray that Franck passes his test!!!!! Daddy needs a new pair o' shoes!


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