Wednesday, February 25, 2004


So today was quite a productive day. Court is feeling beaucoup beaucoup better. I was actually able to wake up, get out of bed and shower.

Then, after talking to Marilyn and receiving an adequate amount of sympathy (but no tea, hee hee) I decided to do some housekeeping. I began by starting to wipe the fake snow Xmas decorations off my windows. Yes, the Xmas decorations. You should all know what a procrastinator I am by now.

Then I decided to put together the table Meg and I got at IKEA so I could have a little office set-up going on in my room. Unfortunately, we need screwdrivers for this task. Meg has screwdriver bits, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put them in the thingie...and I'm not sure if the thingie is really for screwdriver bits or not. And I think I need something electronic anyway. Dammitt. So I might have to ask around to get this problem resolved.

THEN, upon finding out I was paid today, and since I'm going to a wedding this weekend, I decided to get my hair cut. I went to see my good friend Karin at Mod hair, a bit dissappointed that they let the new girl practice her hair washing skills on me. I did not have quite the orgasmic experience that I usually have, especially because the new girl's trainer kept saying, "Gently, gently" and other such instructions in French. To be honest I felt kinda sorry for the girl...I wouldn't want someone barking orders down my back.

But I forgave the hair washing episode because Karin worked her usual French magic, complete with--are you ready--color. Or "les mesh" as the French call it. Little color streaks. Each time I've gone there Karin has recommended them and I've been too scared. But after my little henna experiment, I decided I was ready to bite the bullet and do some "real" coloring. So now I have little "blondey-bits" (as my roomate would say) that are really kinda cute. Who woulda thought. Look at me stepping out of my box.

Karin herself was quite impressed, satisfied that I had now done something "modern" with my hair (she was none too impressed when I told her I used to perm my hair). As she gave me the last flourish of hair spray, she said (in English), " are now ready to take a French lover."

A French lover. Hmmm...Yes...I think can handle that.

As long as he's not wearing a head band.


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