Thursday, August 28, 2003

The Email Has Landed!

Yea! I got it! I was pleasantly surprised to realize I understood more on the phone than I thought I did. So. The word on housing is--they have no information about it yet and I will have to wait till' I get there.

But I got the email!!! Hooray!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Gah! I called my school!

Well I "did the deed" this morning and called Lycee Marc Bloch. I had emailed them way back when and never heard anything (although I knew they were on vacation).

Now I feel pretty comfortable speaking/understanding French. But oh my! She spoke fast. It sounded like she said she had gotten my email and had already responded to it this morning and would give me all the info I needed in the email. So when I couldn't understand what she was saying I didn't think too much about it, figuring I would figure it out in her email.

But au contraire! I received no email this morning. So I don't know what to do! I am embarrassed to call again. Or maybe she meant she would send it later? Dunno. The biggest concern for me is housing...I feel I need to get serious about it. I had been holding out to see if the school would offer it to me (Since they house students on campus) but it sounded on the phone like she said they did not have any for me.

HOWEVER--later is sounded like she said she would see if there was something for me.

AUGH! I feel like an idiot.

I suppose I will wait a couple days to see if I get an email...and then perhaps try emailing again?

She was very nice on the phone so that helps. And at least she knew who the hell I was which was even better.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Oh oh! Les Abricots

Random thoughts....I ate some apricots last night...why don't apricots in the States taste like the ones in France??? French apricots and sweet, juicy, like eating sugar...and ours taste like paper. I just don't understand.

On another random note, I recently discovered "Pluots" as well. For all of you fruit virgins, a pluot is brown and spotted combo of a plum and apricot. I was fairly unimpressed...basically just a really expensive plum.

Il me reste only three weeks till I can quit my job! Hooray!!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Let the Insanity Begin

I am quite excited that I will be teaching in close proximity to Strasbourg. I really am. A cultural mecca, Home of the European Parliament, no further than 2 hours from several major European cities...From everything I've heard, it is the best location in Europe to be.

Except when you need a hotel room.

Yes, folks, everything is "complet" for the week I arrive, due to a parliamentary session. The quest for long-term housing has just become that more important.

So it looks like I will be doing some "hotel hopping" until I find a place. No one seems to have a room available for a full week. Of course, there may be rooms available for a few days at a time...but the French being French, I have not been able to decipher what sort of availability exists. You know what I mean...they will answer exactly what I ask and nothing more. So until I ask for specific dates and combination of dates, everything is "complet."

Tant pis.

Fortunately, I will also not be alone in my endeavor. My travel companion and I are on a mission. More to come...

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Bienvenue chez moi

Ok, so I'm giving this e/webjournal/blog thing a whirl. does one begin?

How did I embark on this adventure to France? Let's start from the beginning shall we? I graduated from Saint Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN) in 2001. There is another, lesser known university across the street that you may have heard of. I played trombone in their marching band for a time. Go Irish!

But I digress...

I was a French and Communications major, and spent a summer interning for Burson Marsteller Public Relations in Paris. But alas, I never had the plaisir of living abroad for a year.

Fast forward two years. January 2003. I am working at Press Ganey Associates in the marketing department. My life is incomplete. I yearn for the French language...the French way of life...the French kiss...and most importantly--for Fromage Blanc. I find out about the Assistantship program. I have a week to apply. I frantically collect recommendations, get my physical, write my essays...and send off the application.

I try not to think about it. Deciding the whole moving-to-France thing was merely a whimsical fantasy, I apply to grad school. Then I get the email from the Ambassade in April. I'm in.

So now here I am, heading to Strasbourg. More specifically, Lycee Marc Bloch in Bischheim...which is basically in Strasbourg.

I have my arrete de nomination and visa. I have moved out of my apartment. I have put in my notice at work. And now I'm just waiting for le 21 septembre, when I will be leavin' on a jet plane.

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